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The new (untitled) SVIIB album is due to be released early 2015. We post updates as we get them and we're excited to hear the next chapter of the SVIIB legacy.


(via zynthia_nixon on Instagram)
Claudia & Alley ♥ 
(Alley’s Instagram is like a treasure trove of fun and family photos. Go and follow her if you haven’t already!)

(via zynthia_nixon on Instagram)

Claudia & Alley  

(Alley’s Instagram is like a treasure trove of fun and family photos. Go and follow her if you haven’t already!)

Happy birthday, Benjamin Curtis! (September 23, 1978—December 29, 2013)

—“I’m Claudia. I play keyboards in School of Seven Bells.”
—“I’m Alley. I sing, I play guitar.”
—“I’m Benjamin … Curtis.”
Anonymous asked
I noticed that Ally got the same forearm tattoos as Ben on September 14. Do you know what the these black stylized W symbols mean? I was planning on inking the SVIIB "Disconnect from Desire" symbol on my chest, as a tribute to Ben, and I was curious about these other tattoos. Keep the strong work!-W

Hey there, thanks for the message!

Glad someone else is curious about this — I tweeted Alley about that yesterday, so hopefully she’ll get back to me. Ben posted something about it when he got his (maybe on Facebook?), but can’t quite remember it. I think it’s Buddhist, something to do with energy and scales and balance?

I think the Disconnect tattoo would be a great one to have! Send us a picture if you do get it :)


A lot of crooks trying to steal your heart.

One of my favourite covers of all time, how they took this almost throwaway little ballad and turned it into this epic symphony of beauty!


On!Air!Library! - Bread

The girls from School of the Seven Bells’ earlier band. It’s pretty but not as dream poppy as School of the Seven Bells (judging from what I know about them) which makes me like them more. The vocals are more unique, a bit rawer and at times seem to be at odds with eachother

Before we had SVIIB, we had On!Air!Library! Bread is probably the standout single here, but their self-titled debut is a great album (plus Sam Fogarino drums on a couple of tracks!).

Check out:
• “Faultered Ego”
• “Bread”
• “Bambalance”
• “Feb.”